Introducing Forage: Transform your next launch into a viral onchain event

Forage is the best way to harness the power of commemorative NFTs and onchain data for your next launch. A Forage launch page combines a press release and a commemorative mint into a single sleek page designed to spread like wildfire. Featured launches are prominently displayed on our homepage. The more your launch is minted, the higher your project climbs, and the more places we can distribute your announcement. Visibility isn't the only thing that separates Forage; it's our powerful reward system. Supporters earn ETH for referring more minters, fueling a natural, self-sustaining viral loop. Unlike generic NFT creation tools, Forage is explicitly designed for launches and announcements. It's the perfect toolkit for builders looking to enhance their reach using onchain data, grow their onchain community, and establish a robust foundation for future communications with their supporters.

Easily create a sleek launch page

Whether you write a full announcement or a single sentence, your launch page looks great. Pages support images, media, rich link previews, embedded tweets, and more.

Every mint amplifies your launch

Commemorative NFTs give your project’s supporters a way to own a piece of your journey, and now they meaningfully contribute to your reach—like an onchain retweet. Minting is easy. Supporters can choose how many times they want to mint within the 7-day mint period. Forage uses the same standard mint fee popularized by Zora—0.000777 ETH per mint. Each mint counts as an “upvote” on our homepage, increasing your visibility. Beyond our website, mints are used to recommend your launch to more minters in other web3 apps like Daylight, Interface, Coinbase Wallet, and Zerion.

Launches are featured on our homepage and in our digest

Community curators, called “foragers,” decide which launches are featured on our homepage. We aim to create a consistent and high-signal resource for the launches shaping onchain culture. This is not a place for token price news. Our digest summarizes our site's last week of activity, aiming to give subscribers a chance to mint launches they may have missed.

Supporters earn rewards for referring minters

Each person who mints a launch gets a referral link that they can share on social media or with their friends. They will receive 0.000111 ETH for every mint that happens through their referral link. There is no limit on the amount of rewards each supporter can earn. The wallet that paid to publish the launch onchain will also receive a reward: 0.000111 ETH for every mint the launch receives.

Grow & engage your onchain community

People who mint your launches are identifiable onchain as members of your community and support network. This makes it possible to engage them across platforms with access, privileges, abilities, and additional rewards. Combining your launch with a commemorative mint expands the possibilities for engaging this support network across the web. Forage collects email addresses for every minter. So we can notify your supporters about future launches, building momentum launch after launch.

Personalized NFTs to celebrate your team & contributors

Commemorative NFTs aren't just for supporters. When you create a launch collection using Forage, each builder is recognized onchain with a Builder NFT. The artwork is personalized with the builder's role in the launch and their autograph—signed with their finger or mouse.

Built on Base and Zora

Today, all launches are deployed on Base, making mints cheap and fast for your supporters. Zora Create is a popular choice for making commemorative NFTs because it allows builders to take advantage of distribution via Zora. That's why Forage uses Zora Create under the hood, so builders can still access all the distribution advantages of Zora while using a platform designed for launches. When you launch on Forage, your collection is automatically distributed through Zora and is compatible with any app that supports Zora—such as minting via Farcaster Frames.
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