Talent Protocol V2 — A new type of resume, for the onchain era of the internet

Talent Protocol announces Talent Protocol V2. Talent Protocol V2 has three components that work together to form an open reputation layer on top of fragmented professional data: 1. Talent Passport 2. ReputationOS 3. $TAL token

Earn $TAL for testing Talent Protocol

Early supporters will be rewarded in $TAL for helping to battle-test Talent Protocol V2 by completing quests over the next five weeks leading up to the launch of the $TAL token.

Source: airdrop.talentprotocol.com

Talent Passports are smart wallets with hidden superpowers

Talent Passports contain – 1. Credentials: Various personal accomplishments obtained from verifiable sources 2. Connections: A compilation of your Web2 and Web3 social graphs 3. Credibility: The reliability of your profile, determined by existing third-party information

Talent Playground is the platform's consumer-facing app

Designed for early adopters, Talent Playground serves as a platform for running product experiments to expand the protocol and explore new applications for $TAL.

Read Talent's Whitepaper below


Source: docsend.com

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