Introducing Collector Feeds

We’re excited to introduce Collector Feeds on Pods. Every collector now has their own personal RSS feed generated by their collection – allowing anyone to follow and listen to a collector’s onchain episodes directly in their favorite podcast player. Mint on Pods. Curate a feed. Listen anywhere. Collector Feeds are currently supported on: - Apple Podcasts - Youtube Music (formerly Google Podcasts) - OverCast - Pocket Casts - Player FM - Podcast Addict - Castro - Stitcher - Castbox

How To Manually Add Podcast Feeds

To do this – find a profile, click “follow”, copy the link, and import it into your desired podcast player. You can find any profile on Pods by exploring different leaderboards or by adding their ETH address or ENS name to the following URL structure:




Why this is cool

Collector Feeds are a unique feature that bridges onchain activity to the rest of the world. Collectors can curate their own RSS feed by minting, and followers get updated whenever new episodes land in their collection. If you want to follow Vitalik and listen to what he’s minting onchain, you can follow his RSS feed on your player. 😈 Note: We loaded Vitalik with a podcast or two to get his profile going. You’ll be notified by your podcast player whenever someone adds a new episode on Pods, and you can listen directly there. This is a fun feature showcasing the composability that’s possible when we leverage two open protocols – Ethereum and RSS – while specializing on the vertical. Curate your taste onchain. Consume the same way you do offchain.

What's Next

We want to continue to create unique experiences around onchain podcasts. There’s a future where creators can publish onchain and reap all the benefits, without making any compromise on distribution. Instead, they’ll just get added benefits like direct monetization, social graph analytics, permanent storage, and full composability by publishing onchain. We’re on a mission to bridge the gap between web3 media and web2. There’s no reason to not publish onchain. We’re committed to making that realized by the masses. More coming soon.™️
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