Bracket Game is March Madness, powered by $DEGEN

Bracket Game is a Farcaster-native March Madness game powered by $DEGEN. Buy shares in the Fanbase Collectives of your favorite team, and win based on how they perform in real life.

How does it work?

1. Fans invest in Fanbase Collectives, buying and selling voting shares at a free market price. 2. Every time a transaction is made (buy or sell), a 6% fee is sent to a game-wide Prize Pool. 3. This amount grows until the NCAA Championship is decided. At this point, the Prize Pool distributes funds to collective treasuries based on how far teams progress. 4. Fanbases decide together how to use treasury funds to change their teams in real life with Collective Contracts. Fans who hold voting shares are encouraged to use their collective's treasury to make contract offers that will improve the team (and their share price) for next year's game. You can get started by transferring $DEGEN to your Bracket wallet.

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