Drakula announces Onchain Creator Fund to reward video creators

Drakula is an onchain short-form video app built on Farcaster. The team launched a 20M $DEGEN fund that will be dedicated towards rewarding creators on Drakula.

What is it?

Drakula's Onchain Creator Fund is designed to celebrate and support the work of short-form video creators on Drakula. The fund is supplied by a grant from the DEGEN core team. The fund's currency is $DEGEN.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is consistently publishing video content on Drakula. This encompasses professional videographers, artists, technologists, musicians, comedians, and more!

Do I qualify?

To qualify for application: 1. Create a Drakula.app profile. 2. Post at least 3 original videos per week. They must be auto-posted on Farcaster. 3. Get at least 3 unique collectors on Drakula. Drakula's Onchain Creator Fund committee determines the finalists each week and they retain complete autonomy in the curation process.

Apply for the Drakula.app Onchain Creator Fund

To be eligible for the first week's rewards, creators must meet the criteria by Friday, March 29th. The Onchain Creator Fund committee will announce the recipients of the weekly grants every Wednesday, beginning on April 3rd.

Source: docs.google.com

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