Seed Club — SC07: Consumer Crypto

After reviewing 300 apps and conducting 50+ interviews, Seed Club is excited to announce SC07, their latest consumer crypto cohort. Over the next three months, Seed Club will help these eight companies in shaping their vision and narrative, getting their products into market, generating attention, and rapidly learning so they emerge with a passionate fan base and conviction on a path forward. Seed Club will share updates from the cohort in their weekly newsletter, and they will be bringing a founder onto Internet Explorers every week to go deeper.

Introducing the eight companies building category-defining consumer crypto products

Bracket.Game – Bracket Game lets fans buy and sell shares of their fanbase. Each fanbase earns from a prize pool when their team advances in the real life tournament. Chipped – Chipped is the most memorable way to network both on and offchain. NFC chips in press-on manicures that link directly to your aggregated social media accounts. Fora – Fora is a platform for generating marketplaces for the hyper-niche, sensitive, valuable, or otherwise unusual. Lisa Foundation – LISA is a platform for collective ownership of physical art. It enables everyone to own museum-quality artworks, starting with just $1. Ponder – Ponder is a social survey platform powdered by Farcaster and designed to reward respondents for curating human insight. – uses AI to turn your life into a game Unofficial – Unofficial is a composable social company built as an alternative to traditional social media. – A community-run AI-enhanced style discovery platform.

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