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747 Airlines is committed to bringing you the finest experience of airline travel. (meme token, nfa, dyor) HighMiles is a point system designed to measure your loyalty to 747 Airlines.

HighMiles will take off this Friday, March 29th, 2024 with a snapshot on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024.


Get miles that only go up

Whether you travel 747 Air for business or pleasure, every trip should be easy and relaxed; no long lines, no noisy crowds, and no undue pressure. From the very moment you become a HighMiles member, you’ll appreciate our special amenities and a sophisticated, serene atmosphere.

How it works

HighMiles is a point system designed to measure your loyalty to 747 Airlines. Specifically, 747 Airlines has “action events” in which you can accrue HighMiles: • Mint-to-support this launch page • Create memes that get accepted to the 747 Airlines canon on Zora* → https://airport.gay/contribute • Collect 747 Airlines memes → https://zora.co/collect/base:0xa0487df3ab7a9e7ba2fd6bb9acda217d0930217b • Get active on our social channels (warpcast) and more → https://warpcast.com/~/channel/747air HighMiles can be redeemed for rewards, including $CRASH and other items. Our goal is to offer new rewards our community will value as well as interesting opportunties to expand the horizons of our passengers.

How do I accrue HighMiles?

Discover how you can get miles for all of life’s daily moments and more. For our first act, we are retroactively awarding points to the following: • Holding $CRASH (based on your $CRASH holdings at the time of the snapshot on March 27, 2024) → https://app.uniswap.org/explore/tokens/base/0x621e87af48115122cd96209f820fe0445c2ea90e • Minting the 747 Zorb - our OG collectible → https://zora.co/collect/base:0xa0487df3ab7a9e7ba2fd6bb9acda217d0930217b/21 • Following the /747Air Warpcast Channel → https://warpcast.com/~/channel/747air • Purchasing 747 Airlines “creator token” on Drakula.app → https://drakula.app/user/boeing747 Over time, we’ll be awarding points towards 747 Airlines campaigns, experiences, activations and mints. Frequent Flyers are privy to stacking their rewards with repeated participation.


We plan to adjust how HighMiles are accrued to maximize authentic participation in the community and reflect the priorities and activities we value most. We look forward to getting your feedback as we try this out! The 747 Airlines HighMiles program is brought to you by Crash Management and powered by stack.so
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